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Are THP products GF?

Our jams, salts, sugars and soup mixes are all gluten free. Our cookie mixes are not. We do however operate out of a commercial kitchen that does handle gluten foods.


Soups sodium/salt content? 

Our soup mixes do not contain any salt.


Allium Allergy

Our soup mixes do contain onions and garlic. 

While our other products do not have these ingredients included, they are produced in a facility that handles these ingredients as well.


Are THP products safe if I have a nut allergy?

We do not handle any raw nuts in our products, but we do operate in a facility that stores and uses these ingredients. Our Raspberry Almond Jam is made using liquid Almond Extract.


Are all of the THP products made in the US/locally?

Every single THP product is hand made here in Cleveland, Ohio. We do not use co-packers or pre made products.


What is the sugar content in THP jams?

Our jams are made using our fruit-first method based recipes. There will always be more than double the amount of fresh fruit to sugar, and never any corn syrups or artificial sweeteners.

Our products are also vegan, which means we do not use honey.


Can I return empty jars?

Pre pandemic we have always happily accepted returned and cleaned, empty jars. As of right now we do not offer this service, but are working towards providing a collection + reward system for the near future. (until then, our jars offer great ways to organize, and store foods + spices, etc)


Where is the kitchen these goods are made?

In the beginning, The Home Pantry started under the Ohio Cottage Law in my home kitchen. In 2020 we have rebranded and commercialized our product and now operate out of a certified space in the neighborhood of Old Brooklyn neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio.


Can I recycle the empty packaging?

All jars and kitchen mix bags are recyclable once the label is removed. Please recycle whenever possible and thank you for checking.

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