We have to start somewhere,

Updated: Oct 29, 2017

Welcoming into the world, a brand new baby blog.

Food being the foundation,

passion a main ingredient,

and an occasional

"just looking for a good time"

...in the kitchen.

Foraging, hunting, cooking, drying, preserving, smoking, curing, fermenting, dehydrating, pickling, canning, freezing...I will stop there. (and keep going later)

In our every day life, the foods we eat on the regular were acquired and handled somewhere in our world. May it be from a seed in the backyard, picked by yourself and cooked in the kitchen on that 4-top black&white gas range stove, or your local Whole Foods coffee beans grown in the Nicaraguans damp, shady forest farms.

Do you ever think about why your mango has to be grown in India? (or maybe Brazil)

Or why the spicy Mexican peppers make you want you gargle fatty-thick milk?

Food and Science are like that couple who you see on the train hand-in-hand while simultaneously able to read their book and hold their latte and scroll on social media and pet the dog next to them, all at the same time. They fit. They probably make eachother better (who am I to say though, really). And the understanding is one that takes patience, and passion.

(video above: Combining freshly grated turmeric root with broken and whole African Peppercorn, and lemon juice)

Sometimes, just the combination of certain foods makes them taste better, right?

Like adding caramelized onions and salt to liver, (it's a nostalgic sort of thing)

or vanilla heavy butter-cream frosting on a dry, flavorless cup cake..

What about combinations that not only improve flavor, but also the medicinal benefit of each ingredient is also improved?


Just like peppercorn and turmeric root.

Every food has their chemical compound,

but some just fit better.

Curcumin, which is the main in turmeric root, and

Piperine, in black peppercorn.

They bind and allow our bodies to absorb the benefits by how much?

2,000 % !!!! Crazy.

Tag along, and explore with me all of the possible combinations we can create.

Delicious, nutritious, and seasonal goods made into everyday meals,

or preserved to store in your very own home pantry.

This is going to be fun.

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