I have been getting many emails regarding the recipe for our Rhubarb Lemonade we sample!

It is easy peasy, yall...get ready for this thirst quenching deliciousness.

A traditional lemonade recipe, with an added 8oz jar of our Rhubarb Syrup.

Switch it up a bit and try it with our Raspberry Syrup, or Ginger Syrup for a kick (plus added healthy benefits). We have a rotating selection of seasonal fruit based syrups always available.


1 gallon batch-

**remember there are 4 quarts in 1 gallon

+2 quarts cold water

+1 quart fresh squeezed or not-from concentrate lemon juice

+3 cups (1 quart minus 1 cup) simple syrup

--simple syrup = equal parts sugar to water, warmed to dissolve--

+1 jar 8oz The Home Pantry Syrup


mix, shake, whateva

keep stored in the fridge, itll last weeks!

Keep in mind our Rhubarb syrup is only available seasonally, keep an open mind and try other flavors throughout the year.

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