hot pepper jam recipes **

Eldest Child Syndrome.

Good on everything.

Spicy, but just the way you like it.

You know what im talking about..

hot pepper jam.

Yeah, sure, its great by the spoon. No judgement, we all do it.

But WHAT ELSE can we smother with this sweet and spicy goodness?

This is why we're here.

Grab a drink, maybe a napkin to clean yourself up after that image because I KNOW your mouth is watering...and lets explore our taste buds.

For many, Hot Pepper Jam is associated with cream cheese and crackers.

It's a crowd-pleaser, and simple for those who don't necessarily enjoy working in the kitchen to serve a few friends and have it devoured in moments. We have all been there.

But when you fall in love with something so good, YOU WANT IT ON EVERYTHING.

My go to?



Spread on your toast, or whip it into some mayo.

Add to your grilled cheese, a BLT, or my favorite-

a turkey sandwich for lunch.

Another use, PORK CHOPS.

*or meat free protein

In your sauce pan, add a tablespoon or two of your fat,

in my case I use butter, but your favorite high temp oil is good, too.

Once melted and warm, add a nice sized spoon-scoop of Hot Pepper Jam.

Keep at a medium heat, we don't want to caramelize the jam to much or intensify the heat (unless that's what you're into).

Add your raw chops. Whatever kind of cut you prefer, bone in or out.

Our goal here is to slowly brown.

Some get a little nervous with cooking pork, and scared to have any sorts of under-cooked meat, resulting in the common dry chop. Low and slow people, it's all okay.

Once the bottom of the cooking chop has a nice browned edge all the way around, and a mouth watering light brown sear in the center, we will flip. This should take about 5-6 minutes depending on the thickness of your chop.

The color of the jam will darken just a bit from the juices of the meat, and the slow caramelizing of the sugars, and this is what we want.

**you can add an extra step and splash a little bit of stock or broth to make a saucy texture**

Homies, this is simple.

This is quick.

This is delicious.

Finish your pork chops after your flip for 2 minutes less than what you cooked the first side for.

Let me tell you why.


This is crucial.

I know it's good, I know you're hungry after this 10 minutes you've already used up, starving, waiting for this damn Hot Pepper Jam Pork Chop...but you've got to wait 2 more minutes.


In the mean time, hopefully before, you prepared some mashed potatoes and a veggie or something.

I am going to write a blog post all about why it is so important you have your meat rest after cooking, but until then just believe me. BOOM there is your bangin' pork chop.

I'm still going.


A great addition to your veggie platter, we all know to expect the ranch dressing or the blue cheese, but sometimes that doesn't cut it.

How about on that charcuterie board? Slap some on your cracker and salami.


Try tossing a jar into your next crock pot meal to slow cook through the day, whether it be swedish meatballs, pulled pork, a tenderloin, a rotisserie chicken, slow cooked veggies with soy!! Sweet and spicy go great with most.

Now that we have shared some ideas on how to utilize Hot Pepper Jam, use your imaginations. Take some time to yourself, nourish your bodies, and have fun with it.

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