Bright, citrusy, wait.....then heat?

Yes, and yes.

Talking about the one and only, Habanero Orange Jelly.

(picture above: Habanero Orange Jelly on toast (left) Habaneros, orange and lemon (right) )

-Photo shoutout to Rosie Hileman & Dustin Hileman-

The awesome quality of a habanero is the delayed heat.

You are able to enjoy the flavors before having the heat element,

and its unique taste is very versatile.

Below are some ideas on using Habanero Orange Jelly.


A little goes a long way.

Add a teaspoon of Habanero Orange on your eggs, quiche, frittata, and omelette for a fresh, bright addition.

Get extra flavor by scrambling into your mix, or whip with sour cream to keep it nice and cold.

Butter and Habanero Orange on a croissant, your morning toast,

on your breakfast sandwich!!


I am a sucker for a delicious sandwich.

I don't care if its grilled, or on a bun. maybe even between two crunchy pieces of lettuce

(okay going a little far, more bread please)

What makes the perfect sandwich, though? In my opinion, its the hydrating element.

The sauce. That saucy, sauce. (who wants a dry sandwich?)

Mayo, ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, sour cream,


turkey? so good,

salami? delicious.

veggie? cant forget the roasted red peppers.

ham? more please.


Aside from a spread, Habanero Orange jelly is also an amazing marinade!

Spread on your chicken breast before baking,

or whip into a barbecue sauce!

Render a beautiful piece of pork belly for a caramelized, and tender piece.

The possibilities are endless.


If you're like me, you don't mind a little tingle with your dessert.

Red Chili's compliment chocolate, right?

Try a little drizzle of Habanero Orange on your vanilla ice cream.

The sweetness meddles, the citrus amplifies, and the heat finishes it off.

Point is, it works in many ways! Versatality is key when building a good preserve.

Hope you enjoy.

Please share how you have, or would use Habanero Orange Jelly!

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