curry lentil + split pea soup mix

Ahh, you have come for the soup.

Turkish Curry Powder . African Turmeric . Spanish Paprika . Ohio Garlic . Green Lentil .

Split Green Peas . Dried Onion . Parsley Flake .

Quality ingredients.

Real food.


-In a 2 qt. pot or larger, combine jar content and add 6 cups of water.

-Give it a good mixin' // incorporate those ingredients.

-Turn your heat on to medium + come to a boil.

*In the mean time, I would recommend chopping up a fresh tomato or opening a can of chopped tomatoes if you have either. *adds that lil' extra**

-Once your good-smelling soup comes to a boil, we are going to lower the heat to a simmer, and add your tomatoes if you choose.

*a simmer is a very low boil, low/medium heat*

-Cook for 1 HOUR.

** Stir every 15 minutes.

Your soup will thicken as it cooks.

salt + pepper to taste **

Makes about 4-5 side portions

side portion: about 1 cup

Easy peasy.

When I make this at home for a hearty lunch or as a side to dinner,

we like to top our servings with a little sour cream or greek yogurt, and some fresh diced cucumber and tomato.


We can all throw some ingredients into a pot, and add water.

But what is key to a good dish?


We eat to enjoy and nourish our bodies, and where those ingredients come from can have a lot to do with what your dish will taste like.

Things to keep in mind when shopping or considering a new herbal purchase.

-When was this herb/seasoning dried and packaged?

-Where is this ingredient native to, and where was this specific grown?

-Is this herb/seed/root/etc whole, coarse, or powdered?

Do your research!

You may become inspired to try something new.

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