lavender + root

a combination of organic french lavender petals with the naturally sweet + nutritious marshmallow root and beet root powder.

This tea blend is caffeine free and contains no additional ingredients or flavors. Great steeped hot or made into iced tea.

green + lemongrass

The high quality, antioxidant-packed gun powder green tea contains a high amount of caffeine. Paired with organic Chinese lemongrass, these two ingredients together are not only refreshing but nutritious and delicious.  Steep a hot cup or make a gallon batch of iced green tea.

lychee + calendula

this blend highlights the floral and fruity flavors of the medicinal flower of calendula, paired with a Chinese black tea infused with lychee fruit. This tea does include a moderate amount of caffeine, great hot or iced.

chai + ginger

This tea blend is only available seasonally from September through the beginning of Spring. Packed with an array of warm spices and paired with the Indian Darjeeling Black Tea, the caffeine content is mild, allowing the warm combination of nutmeg, cinnamon clove and touches of lemongrass to be enjoyed any time of day.