-- loose leaf tea blends --

lavender + root

a combination of organic french lavender petals with the naturally sweet + nutritious marshmallow root and beet root powder.

This tea blend is caffeine free and contains no additional ingredients or flavors. Great steeped hot or made into iced tea.

green + lemon

A high-quality antioxidant-rich gun powder green tea contains a high amount of caffeine. These whole leaves which are hand-rolled and dried are paired with the citrusy and vitamin C offered lemongrass.

ginger + peach

this blend highlights bright and forward flavors.

Dried organic ginger root paired with peach blossoms and Darjeeling red tea. Offers a sweeter and high caffeine content.

pine + berry

Have you ever tasted the forest on a dewy winter morning? Now you can. This tea blend is only available seasonally from September through the beginning of Spring. Appalachian Fraser Fir Pine needles preserved and paired with natures highest antioxidant-packed berry, the elderberry, and nutrient-dense raspberry leaf. Caffeine free blend.